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Quality and certifications


Certified process.

Calvi SpA guarantees the physical and mechanical properties of its special profiles, thanks to the strict attention of its internal laboratory, which is able to check performance levels using:

- technological testing (hardness, micro-hardness and traction)
- chemical analyses (through spectrographic analysis)
- metallographic testing (structure, decarbonisation and inclusions)
- non-destructive testing (magnetoscopic testing, ultrasonic testing and liquid penetrant testing)
- surface testing (roughness)

Calvi Spa’s entire manufacturing process is managed in compliance with ISO 9001. For the automotive industry, the process is compliant with ISO/TS 16949. An environmental management system that adheres to the ISO 14001 standard is also is place.


BS OHSAS 18001-2007IATF 16949-2016ISO 9001-2015ISO 14001-2015