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Range of machinery

The preparation installations.

Heat treatment furnaces
The batch furnaces (7 gas-fired or electric furnaces) are equipped with a resistance heating system with variable power and loading capacities. Controlled heating is carried out in an inert environment, in accordance with very precise heating profiles to bring the material to its optimal condition in terms of the chemical-physical structure, for the subsequent forming operations. The furnace chambers have been designed to hold bars with a length of up to 13 m, and a loading capacity up to 30 tons. In certain cases they feature annealing thermal cycles lasting up to about 50 hours.

Mechanical and chemical pickling
The automatic sandblasting machines have been designed to operate with very low noise levels. The plants make it possible to eliminate any traces of oxide originating from the previous processing cycles, providing great support to operators thanks to the many functions and automated operations that are available on the plant. Chemical pickling is only used with certain types of steel, and is carried out by immersion in an acid solution. The cleaning of metallic powders and oil residuals is completed with degreasing and rinsing.