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THE AUTOMATED WAREHOUSE Saving space and time

Published on: 24/11/2017

Calvi Spa, in addition to lending its name to the group as a whole, is a leading company in technological innovation and, true to this spirit, this year it installed an automated warehouse for its production equipment.

Picture a huge chest of drawers, 12 metres high, 10 metres long and 5 metres wide, capable of holding 102 drawers (unit loads), each of which can hold 3000 kg of equipment, making a total capacity of more than 300,000 kg.

The introduction of the warehouse system, which can process approximately 20 cycles per hour, means less space is needed for the storage of equipment in production areas. It also enables faster retrieval time for items of equipment and reduces the need for manual handling, thus leading to an increase in workplace safety.

The warehouse’s information system has been integrated with the company’s management software, fully in line with the principles of Industry4.0. The overall investment required was about half a million Euro, including costs for the purchase of machinery and systems and costs for civil, electrical and hydraulic works.