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Customised service


Our know how at the service of your shapes.

The sole objective is efficiency: interpreting the requirements, providing the best technological solutions, guaranteeing quick delivery times.

Calvi SpA’s recognised quality in the hot and cold forming of steel, a raw material with infinite applications, translates into customised consulting and valuable support during every manufacturing stage.

This support involves guaranteed assistance in developing the profile, and in identifying the best design solutions. Starting from the preliminary analysis of the design provided, the functional usage of the profiles and relevant performance properties, Calvi Spa ensures not only that the design and product will match perfectly, but also that each production batch will be optimised.

- analysis of project feasibility
- selection and testing of materials
- interfacing with main structural components
- planning of designing and manufacturing activities
- precision sizing measurements using 2D and 3D measuring instruments 
- technical manufacturing specifications
- processing
- quality and manufacturing timing control