Profiles for transmissions: standard splined shafts and with rolling teeth in carbon steel and case hardening and quenched alloy steels.

Special profiles for tool holders and stop blocks for blades, using carbon steels and case hardening steels.

Special profiles used as tensioning guides, or for semi-finished products of more complex sections, using carbon steels.

Complex dies for special profiles with accurate surfaces and very narrow tolerances using carbon steels.

Special profiles used in the jaws of lathe headstock vices, T-shaped blocks for worktables and in various clamping systems, using carbon, case hardening and quenched steels.

Complex structural profiles in carbon steel.


Special profiles used for manufacturing mechanical components for the automation industry.

Special profiles for shafts on submersible pumps, using both austenitic and martensitic stainless steel.

Simple structural profiles in austenitic stainless steel.