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Experience, Technology, Efficiency.
These are our raw materials.

The assurance of the highest quality standards from Calvi SpA is the added value provided by a long Company tradition. We can efficiently combine the steel's mechanical properties, the support of updated technology and the rational use of all the raw materials available.

The constant updating of manufacturing processes ensures a consistent increase in production yield and savings in energy costs (up to -20% in the rolling phases), with the support of the most advanced checking instruments. As a matter of fact, the testing room within the Company is equipped with all the instrumentation needed to check that the profile matches as accurately as possible the project's dimensional and mechanical specifications.

Therefore the possibilities for using the drawn sections supplied by Calvi SpA in the form of bars with varying lengths, are always on the increase, combining different forming technologies and ensuring the best result in terms of eliminating scrap, providing standard and clean surfaces, and making the removal of shavings workable.